Xenia’s council approves annexation of central state

The city has carried out an economic impact analysis of the annexation of the central state, said the city’s chief financial officer, Ryan Duke. The city could earn around $ 340,000 a year in revenue if the central state were annexed to Xenia.

If the central state were annexed to the city, Xenia’s fire and emergency services contract with the university would be canceled because the university would be within the city limits. The city is also expected to provide water services to the university.

Greene County Commissioners have approved the town’s petition for annexation of Xenia Township. to Xenia on July 9.

To exploreThe Court supports the attempt to annex Xenia to the central state

Xenia Twp. had opposed the annexation, saying the city would create a 360-degree “annexed balloon” around the city if it continued to do so.

In June, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled that the annexation was legal. The case centered on how Xenia and the university would be connected. The court’s opinion noted that it previously supported “strip”, “shoestring” or “corridor” annexations, but reforms adopted by Ohio in 2001 allow them.

“Township administrators urged the county to reject the petition, which the county did after determining that the town’s petition was unsatisfactory. [the type-2 annexation process]”, We read in the decision.

Xenia appealed the decision to the Second District Court of Appeals and won, but the county then appealed, leading the case to the Ohio Supreme Court.

To exploreAnnexation of Central State Lands to Xenia Approved by Ohio Supreme Court

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