West Central District Health Department Receives Distribution Point Unit To Help With Testing And Vaccination | Local

“The one we have has a central unit that we can work from and two drive-through garages attached to it,” Myers said. “People can drive and park, and if we do tests, vaccinations, the garage doors can be closed and nurses can test or give an injection, and then cars can get out.”

Vanderheiden said the WCDHD requested a POD at the start of the pandemic.

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“A year and a half ago, when we really needed a POD, we had staff in freezing temperatures,” Vanderheiden said. “We were supposed to get this POD last year and it went to the east side (of the state).”

She said Myers helped her prepare the proposal to try and get one of the five available PODs.

“Brandon made a phenomenal proposition,” said Vanderheiden. “Our first request was for drive-thru on one side and walk-in access on the other so we could run two different events. In the end we couldn’t get this one, but we got a better one which is a drive-through on both sides.

PODs are intended for emergency situations, such as the current pandemic. However, Vanderheiden said, once it is no longer needed for the pandemic, there are a number of possible uses for the facility.

“Once all of that is done, it’s up to us to share with our community partners for whatever it is,” Vanderheiden said. “This should not be an emerging situation. The only condition is that if it’s being used for something else – food banks or whatever – and an emergency (situation) arises, it has to be closed immediately and we have to be able to move that POD there. where it is needed. to be.”

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