West Central District Health Department Provides COVID-19 Vaccine to Children 5 Years and Older | Local

Less than 12 hours after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Immunization Practices Advisory Committee recommended the COVID-19 vaccine for anyone over the age of 5 on November 5, the Central District Health Department west had a vaccine to administer to children.

WCDHD Executive Director Shannon Vanderheiden urged people to get vaccinated if they can.

“We have two to five admissions a day in our state for (pediatric) patients,” she said, “and we need to make sure those who can get vaccinated are so that those who cannot. get vaccinated – those younger than 5 – we protect them too.

If schools are interested, Vanderheiden said, the health department will work with them to administer the vaccine to those who want it, saying it would be similar to the WCDHD dental program offered to schools. Instead of missing an entire day or half a day of school, students returned to class after a 15-minute wait after vaccination.

Vanderheiden also encouraged parents who are reluctant to vaccinate their children to research specific and reliable sources.

“We want parents to be informed,” she said. “We want them to know that the decision they make for themselves or for their child is the best decision possible.”

Digital editor for The North Platte Telegraph.

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