Thurston Named East Central District Evaluator of the Year | News

Shelby County Assessor Anne Thurston won the East Central District Assessor of the Year award this week at the Indiana County Assessor Association (ICAA) conference in Indianapolis.

The county assessor identifies, lists, and calculates the assessed value of all real and personal property in areas of the county that are not maintained by individual assessors, according to the county’s website.

But Thurston goes beyond that. She previously served as chair of the ICAA’s East Central District, which includes 15 counties and one township.

“There are about 16 reviewers,” she said. “We are elected by our peers, who have especially distinguished themselves in our region. It was a ballot and I won.

This is not the first time that Thurston has won this award. She has been an assessor for Shelby County since 2008, where she served as a midterm caucus. Her 4-year term ends at the next election, where she intends to run again.

His other award is on his desk. She plans to put this one right next to it.

“I do a lot for the association,” Thurston said. “I hold meetings, four or five times a year, to make sure we’re all on the same track.”

This time, she was again named district president, but she did not win. In the past, as ICAA District Council Chair, Thurston met with Council members four times a year and answered any questions that other District Assessors emailed to him.

“If anyone has any questions they email and we send it out to all the other assessors to help each other out. We all have the same guidelines but each county is their own but we have to [use] the same rules. »

Thurston will take the extra steps to guide each evaluator in his district.

“We have to keep the same rules and keep them strict and then we help guide each other,” she said. “The council will have a meeting and we will bring it back to our districts. If we receive documentation that cannot be sent by email, I go to each office to deliver it to them. I do it myself, I’m not paid by the county to do it.

Because she won the East Central District Appraiser of the Year award, Thurston will also be attending the Indiana Counties Association Conference in late September to be recognized there. . Four other Shelby County elected officials will also attend the conference, she said: human resources director Donna Cook, plan director Desiree Calderella, county council member Linda Sanders and Denica Hill, also from the office. of the assessor.

“It’s the one Denica and I go to every year,” Thurston said. “We learn a lot from this one. It’s the most beneficial, where you learn and you can talk with other counties, how they handle things between assessors and other offices, which is great. You have just learned. There are so many things there.

Thurston likes to learn new things at all these conferences.

“Today I learned several things,” she said. “Every time you go, you think I’ve been here so long, I know everything, and you don’t. You just keep learning every day.

After returning to Shelby County from the ICAA conference, Thurston will attend an International County Management Association conference in Chicago this week.

“I have been blessed. I’m going to the International Counties Association next week,” she said. “I’m leaving on Sunday to go there and I’ll be there until Thursday. You learn everything around the world. It’s not just the United States, it’s the world.

Thurston said typically 5,000 people attend this conference, but because of COVID, only 1,000 will attend in person. Thurston will be the only person from Shelby County there. The evaluator’s office will be open during her usual hours during her absence.

With these two more conferences coming up in the coming weeks, Thurston is excited to learn.

“They say it’s our timeout, but it’s really not,” Thurston said.

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