Three other parks being created in the central district: Wahab

KARACHI – Karachi Administrator, Sindh government spokesman and legal adviser to the CM, Barrister Murtaza Wahab said on Wednesday that his main aim is to resolve all issues.

Karachi will look green and prosperous in the future. We will give a better Karachi and Sindh to our future generations through public-private partnership. Three other parks are being created in the central district and handed over to the people. Reconstruction of road 4400 in northern Karachi has also started which will ease the movement of people in the region, the administrator said during a media interview at Nazimabad’s Shalimar Park after the inauguration of three parks, the urban forest and the laying of the first stone of a road in the north. Karachi here.

Also present at the occasion were Deputy Commissioner (DC) Central Taha Saleem, KMC Municipal Commissioner Syed Afzal Zaidi and other officials.

The Administrator inaugurated the planting of trees in the newly renovated Zaki Shaheed Park, Tanveer Shaheed Park, Shalimar Nazimabad No. 3 Park and North Karachi Urban Forest under Project 100 and laid the foundation stone of the reconstruction of Highway 4400 North Karachi. He said that the solution to everything is the public-private partnership, adding that in the past these parks were closed but today the citizens support us in the restoration of these parks.

“The process of improving basic infrastructure including public parks, playgrounds, urban forests, roads, bridges and underpasses in Karachi is ongoing. Renovation of 100 parks was planned in the central district, of which 28 parks have been opened to the public while the construction of several major roads is also underway in the district,” he added. The administrator indicated that the development work is also in full swing in other areas of the city with the aim of offering maximum facilities to citizens.

Wahab said that in Federal Zone B, Iqbal Park should be modeled after Jehangir Park. In a few weeks, efforts will be made to start the bidding process so that another great gift can be given to the residents of the Central district.

“The true purpose of politics is to serve humanity. We will continue to work selflessly as directed by our President Bilawal Bhutto Zardari. Citizens must hold our hands, we will work together,” the administrator said. He said all agencies, including the police and intelligence services, must work together to improve the law and order situation. Strict measures must be taken against those who break the law.

He said the government employees against whom the court ruled should not be assigned anywhere, but no one can be arrested on the basis of cases alone. The administrator said it was necessary to legislate against drug addicts. In this regard, the government of Sindh has passed a bill and we are looking for a lasting solution to this problem.

He said wherever parks have been restored, residents have a responsibility to care for them and protect the facilities provided. “Large-scale tree planting will be carried out in areas where urban forests are being created in Karachi. This will help reduce the heat of the city. We will plant the town’s traditional fruit and shade trees,” Wahab said. The administrator said they will continue to serve the people in good faith, in line with the vision of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari.

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