The central district of Lima, from chimerical dream to future development

LIMA – Some would say it’s a pipe dream to develop dilapidated buildings in the 200 block of South Central Avenue in Lima. But those with a vision of what could be – kicked off what they called a pre-revolution event Saturday night for The Central District.

The evening included live music from local talent, a food truck and a chance to learn more about the project.

“This is the part after the pipe dream,” said Central District Corridor committee member Dennis Richardson. “So after the dream and the vision was created, now it’s the fruit of this work that brings everything together and brings together the right pieces, the right people and the right like-minded people to bring this type of project together and get it Go.”

The Central District stretches along South Central Avenue from East Spring Street to East Elm Street.

Earlier this summer, windows were installed in the UniCent building, creating an open space with lots of potential.

“It will be building 201. We will have retail space, then modern contemporary apartments on the top floor, and then what you see here which is not yet under construction is the exterior hallway,” said said Lisa Ashafa, director of communications for The Central District Corridor. “The outdoor hallway is a social place where people come to congregate and get their innovative juices flowing.”

The $5 million project is expected to be completed next year.

“It’s going to be a technological space. There will be 3D printers in the maker space. They will have space there for woodworking, metal fabrication. We will have two industrial kitchens there so that people who have food trucks who need places to cook this stuff can come and use the facilities. Start-ups can come and rent a space to start their business. There will be conference rooms, a green screen room,” Richardson said.

Frank Cage has his own marketing company, Cage Design Studios, and plans to rent space in the building.

“Being in a space where some of the technology will be here in the city, I’m excited about that. I do, but actually having a space here in the city to do that is pretty exciting for me,” Cage mentioned.

The development of the central district is underway in Lima.

New windows have been installed in this building which is the centerpiece of the central district of Lima.

Here is an aerial representation of what the Central District will look like when completed in 2022.

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