Supreme Court asks for Center’s response

The pleas raise grievances with a December 2020 statement from the central government in which it said it was against coercive family planning.

The effect of multiple pregnancies on the health of mothers and babies, as well as the large population of poor people in the country, are highlighted as reasons why a central population control law is needed.

Only taxpayer citizens follow the two-child-per-family formula, but not those who receive taxpayer-funded subsidies, according to the plea. Family planning and the use of contraceptives cannot remain optional for them, says the plea.

The population explosion is the cause of theft, dacoity and kidnapping, domestic violence, physical and mental harassment of women and separatism, fanaticism, stone throwing, etc. It is obvious that about 80% of criminals and delinquents are such that their parents did not follow the policy of “Ham Do – Hamare Do”.

The Supreme Court is “empowered to evolve new principles of accountability” to ensure recourse to the enforcement of fundamental rights and bring justice to anyone aggrieved, the plea says.

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