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LIMA — A group of college students inclined to dream of one day being their own boss received encouragement from local business owners during a field trip on Friday.

On Friday, the West Central Learning Academy took its entrepreneurship class to The Central District and Makerspace for a field trip to get a first-hand perspective on the development process needed to become a successful business owner. Students heard about local entrepreneurs at different stages of business development and the role local mentors could play in helping them realize their dreams before visiting the Makerspace building.

“The purpose of these types of tours is to show and encourage local students, who are about to graduate, the many opportunities in the Lima area,” said the director of the Central Manufacturing Company, Linwood White. “There are plenty of opportunities to stay in Lima and start your own business or work for a local small business while learning and mastering the skills for your next step after graduation.”

Cage Design Studios owner Frank Cage shared his experience that resonated with students by telling a story most kids could relate to.

“To me, entrepreneurship isn’t something you do — it’s a superpower,” Cage said.

Cage recalls growing up in a “pretty good housing situation” and not having a say in anything growing up. Although he was not empowered to take part in decision-making discussions as a child, he never stopped making these decisions in his mind.

“I’m going to have a full conversation with you about the engagement – ​​but I’m all the way over the moon – and you don’t even know it. I ended up honing this super power to take a situation I don’t like and turn it into something else. That’s what my business is for.

Legacy Property Solutions owner Devin Muniz opened his discussion by asking WCLA students if they felt like they were conforming to a traditional school or doing the same thing all the time.

For those who raised their hands acknowledging that they don’t do well with structured school programs or people talking to them all the time, Muniz said they were the best candidates for business ownership.

“I know that because I went to an alternative high school and even that was too structured for me. I felt like I was in a box… So entrepreneurship was what changed my whole life. I realized that I didn’t have to. I don’t have to structure a nine-to-five job. I don’t have to do what everyone else does.

The experience touched WCLA students as they listened and asked questions about how to get started.

Sophomore Ahri Seccession said she gained a lot from the trip and had a lot in common with Cage.

“It was exciting to hear how these guys got started, and being able to ask questions and get advice is invaluable,” Seccession said. “I will talk more with Frank Cage because he has already done a lot of things that I want to do. I hope he can be like my mentor.

On Friday, Cage Designs owner Frank Cage speaks with West Central Learning Academy students as they visit the Central District to learn about entrepreneurship.

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