PDP leaders in Central District insist on return to southern zoning arrangement – The Sun Nigeria

From Judex Okoro, Calabar

PDP leaders and stakeholders in the Cross River Central Senatorial District have been pushing for the party to zone the governorship to the south to maintain the rotational arrangement among the state’s residents.

The state’s main opposition party has faced a zoning brouhaha ahead of the 2023 general election, with aspirants from the southern and central senatorial districts declaring their intention to succeed incumbent Governor Ben Ayade.

So far in the gubernatorial race are Sen Gershom Bassey, Rt Hon Daniel Asuquo and Authur Jaevis Archibong, all from the south, and Professor Sandy Onor, from the centre.

While Sen Bassey insists that there has always been zoning of the governorship and therefore he should be sent back to the south, Sen Onor disagrees saying that there is no never had zoning like other aspirants from other zones have at one time or another contested the governorship.

But lending their support to the zoning, leaders and stakeholders in the center said there is an established rotation sequence and therefore the governorship should be zoned in the Southern Senatorial District.

In a statement made available to reporters is Calabar and signed by more than 30 of them, including the Honorable Nicholas Ayua, the Right Honorable Barr Sylvanus Odong, the Elder John Ibara Agbor, the Right Honorable Obeten Okorn Obeten , Rt Hon Bassey Eko Ewa, Rt Hon Chris Agibe, Rt Hon Nelson E Ofem, Rt Hon Itam Abang, Hon Emma Idaka, Mr Attah Ochinke and Hon Eko Atu, they argued that

“The Central Senatorial District has always provided the leadership, direction and lifeblood for the continued success of the PDP in the state,” adding that it is “the desire of the people of Cross River State to bring the PDP back in power in 2023”.

According to the statement, “The Central Senatorial District supports the principle of zoning and rotation of political responsibilities in the State, and in particular supports the continuation of the rotation of the office of Governor of Cross River State following the sequence already established between the different senatorial districts.

“That the office of Governor of Cross River State in 2023, in accordance with the established rotation sequence, be zoned in the Southern Senatorial District of Cross River State.

“This position is taken in the unshakeable confidence that there are members of the Southern Senatorial Constituency party with the capacity, competence and commitment to lead the state and restore the development progress for which the State was hitherto known.

“Party members across the state who aspire to positions and positions of responsibility on the party platform must maintain decorum in the conduct of their political activities and ensure that unity, cohesion and the integrity of the party are not compromised,” he said.

The declaration further enjoined all aspirants to propagate their aspirations within the bounds of decency, while endeavoring to reconcile their various aspirations.

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