Pastor wrote for the central district school board seat, the incumbent is also a candidate | Latest news

If elected, Hevener said he wanted to hold periodic public meetings where school administrators, staff and school board members could meet with parents and discuss anything that concerns them. He said he wanted to promote productive and respectful dialogue, regardless of an individual’s position on certain issues.

“As long as adults can have a respectful speech, I think we’re smart enough to understand it, and we’re smart enough to put our children’s best interests at heart. We have to set an example for our children, because when they see adults go crazy and then we want them to act in a civil manner, that is never a good recipe, ”Hevener said.

Clair, the incumbent of the Central District and a 20-year-old resident of Nelson County, served a four-year term in the Nelson County School Board six years ago, before joining again after a special election there is two years old. She decided to run as a written candidate for another full term.

“I have the impression that the current board of directors has a very good relationship with each other, and with the [Nelson County] Supervisory board, so I feel like I had to stay in the mix just for the sake of continuity, ”she said.

Clair’s top priorities, if re-elected, continue to cultivate a positive working relationship with the Nelson County Board of Supervisors; develop a good school budget; help students catch up and excel in learning after the pandemic disrupted schooling; and advocate for improved teacher remuneration and seek ways to boost teacher morale and support during difficult times.

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