Outcome of VC conference will be shared with central and state governments, says TN Governor

Governor RN Ravi said the results of the two-day Vice Chancellors’ Conference held here will be compiled and shared with the central government, state governments and policy makers.

In a press release by Raj Bhavan, it was said that Mr Ravi delivered the farewell speech at the conference on Tuesday. “Nation [sic] walks confidently towards his destiny to become Vishwa Guru, by 2047 for which an exhaustive roadmap is needed. The conference made an indispensable contribution to the cause. Educators and intellectuals from central, state and private universities came together and contributed their ideas based on their vast experience, wisdom, converged and co-created the future course of action. This will redefine our future course of action, especially in the areas of education and sustainable development,” he said.

He said “huge human resources and the power of young people” will be pooled to “succeed in our mission to become a world leader by 2047”, the year India will celebrate 100 years of independence.

Sridhar Vembu, CEO of Zoho Corporation, said that it is absolutely necessary to “promote the Tamil language to reduce development gaps and promote equitable development of Tamil Nadu and the nation”. It will also provide quality technical training in higher education to students, which will promote their learning and improve their employability,” the press release adds.

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