Organ Donation: “A Central Law Defining Death Is Needed To Promote Organ Donation” | Ahmedabad News

AHMEDABAD: Brainstem death should be included as a form of death, said Mahendrakumar Bajpai, lawyer at the Supreme Court of India and director of the Institute of Medicine and Law (IML). Bajpai, who was speaking at an online event Tuesday to discuss salient aspects of organ donation in the country, said there should be a central law governing the uniform definition of death.

“The socio-cultural preferences of Indian society must be taken into account when setting the order of surrogate decision-makers. In addition, to streamline the process, a single authority for reporting, compliance and guidance should be considered, ”he said.
The event, hosted by IML, brought together panelists including Jay Narayan Vyas, Dr Manoj Gumber, Dr Vineet Mishra, Dr Sujata Rajapurkar, Aashka Chudasma and Dr Bhagwat Karad. Judge Sunil Ambwani, former Chief Justice of the High Court of Rajasthan, was the main guest of the event.
Dr Gumber, a city-based nephrologist, said awareness is the key to improving organ donation – not only among the public but also among the medical fraternity. Doctors’ fear about the legal implications also keeps them away, he said.
“Statutory processes and procedures should be simpler and easier to apply, as well as appropriate grief counseling,” said Nilesh Mandlewala, founder of the NGO Donate Life.

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