Ohio State Highlights Partnership with Central State, Water Quality

Ohio State University President Kristina Johnson and several of her students made a two-day visit to the Dayton area this week.

They toured Central State University and toured the CJ McLin International Center for Water Resources Management at the Historical Black College and University. The center is part of a partnership between the two universities.

It does similar work to the Global Water Research Institute on the Ohio State campus.

The centers jointly focus on water quality – analysis of water pollutants and agricultural pesticide runoff – as well as hydroelectricity.

“Today we build on our collaboration around water, which is really important,” Johnson said. “Obviously we can’t go many days without water. And it was really fun to watch. And we talked a bit about hydroelectricity, a bit about water quality and the contaminants around it.

Water quality and hydroelectricity are not the only points in common between the two universities. Both are also land-grant universities.

“With both of us having a land-grant mission, our mission is to make sure our science reaches the citizens of Ohio,” said Cathann Kress, dean of the College of Food, Agriculture and Science. of the Ohio State Environment. “And so we’re partnering with Central State on a number of those outreach efforts, whether it’s in urban areas or rural areas.”

Johnson and Central State Speaker Jack Thomas said this shared land-grant mission pushes universities to educate disadvantaged and underrepresented people, while ensuring those students get the highest level of education possible. .

They said that by working together, they can more easily achieve this goal.

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