IMA participates in nationwide protest Friday to demand central law on violence against doctors

About 3.5 million doctors from the Indian Medical Association (IMA) will participate in a nationwide protest Friday demanding a central law addressing violence against doctors. IMA National President Dr JA Jayalal said that in addition to its membership, a number of organizations such as the Medical Association of India, the Association of Surgeons of India, the network of medical students and the network of junior doctors would participate in the event.

In Bihar and central Kerala, doctors will close their clinics in the morning to lobby for demand for a central law against violence against doctors. In the evening, a public interaction was organized to form a coordination team in each branch of the IMA to prevent such violence from taking place.

“We are deeply hurt to see an increase in physical violence against doctors and healthcare professionals. It is happening day in and day out. The IMA is pushing for a central act against violence,” IMA said in a statement. .

The Health Service Personnel and Clinical Facilities (Prohibition of Violence and Damage to Property) Bill, 2019, which sought to impose a prison term of up to 10 years for assaulting duty doctors and other health professionals, was rejected by the Home Office, saying the law was not feasible because health is a matter of state, he said.

“There are many central health laws such as the PCPNDT law and the law on clinical establishments. Currently, 21 states have local laws, but what we need is a strong central law to protect doctors of violence, “said the body of doctors.

Listing plans for Friday’s protest, the IMA said memorandums would be submitted to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, as well as senior ministers including Home Secretary Amit Shah. All branches of the IMA would submit memoranda to local authorities.

“All 1,700 branches are organizing events to mark the protest. Student sections are very active on the event as they are most concerned about how the issue is being approached and handled,” the IMA statement said.

“We demand that the government strengthen the security arrangements in each hospital and declare hospitals protected areas,” the statement said.

On the issue of yoga guru Ramdev’s recent controversial comments, the IMA said a number of complaints against police have been filed across the country for his “dishonest statements, which in our opinion go to the ‘against the interests of the citizens of the country’.

“As a result, we urged the Prime Minister to take appropriate action against him. We respect Ayurveda as part of our culture and ancient science and we never go out to criticize him … Our job is to make sure that they (the patients) are treated in the best possible way. We are not interested in controversies, “he said.

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