Farmers thank central and state governments. for the release of the crop insurance premium

Tamizhaga Cauvery Vivasayigal Sangam thanked central and state governments for releasing their share of crop insurance premiums for the last rabi season.

In a statement on Sunday, the association’s general secretary, PR Pandian, said the unexpected downpours of last December and January this year caused significant damage to the standing position. rabi crop – Samba – which was provided by the farmers of the delta.

Subsequently, the state government announced and disbursed 15,000 yen per hectare as “agricultural input compensation” from the Disaster Management Fund to rescue farmers who lost their crops due to heavy rains and storms. flooding during the period.

Later, agricultural insurance companies refrained from paying compensation to farmers who had insured their crop grown in the period 2020-2021. rabi season citing the delay in the payment of the premium amount by central and state governments.

As the compensation, which should have been released in June, was not released by the insurance companies until September 15, the association organized protests in the districts of the delta and, as a result, the governments unblocked their respective share, Mr Pandian said.

As the unpaid insurance premium was paid by central and state governments, the association’s secretary general said insurance companies would soon pay the compensation into farmers’ bank accounts.

Meanwhile, Papanasam MP MH Jawahirullah urged the state government to set affordable rental fees for harvesting machines.

Stressing that delta farmers have raised the kuruvai With crops braving difficulties such as a sharp increase in agricultural inputs followed by unexpected rains, the large increase carried out by the owners of private harvesting machines was causing them immense hardship.

Rental charges for tire-type vehicles have been increased to over 2,000 yen from 1,300 yen per hour and belt-type vehicles from 1,800 yen to 1,500 yen per hour, he added.

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