Ensure fuel is reasonably priced, Sailajanath urges central and state governments

Andhra Pradesh Congress Committee chairman Sake Sailajanath on Thursday accused Union and state governments of competing to impose heavy taxes on petrol, diesel and cooking gas.

Launching a signature campaign here, Dr Sailajanath said that although international crude oil prices were high when Congress was in power at the Center, he had kept the central excise tax at a reasonable level. The Modi government in the Center, however, had lost the confidence of the people because of its “anti-popular policies,” he said.

All strata of the population were suffering from the surge in gasoline fueled prices spanning the century, he said, and wanted the Center and state governments to come forward and make the fuel available at an affordable price. and proportionate to the rate in force. at the World level.

“It is unfortunate that all the essentials have become beyond the reach of ordinary people who were struggling to make a living during the pandemic,” he said, after paying tribute to the late Chief Minister YS Rajasekhara Reddy who brought the Congress party to power in undivided Andhra Pradesh ending the reign of the Telugu Desam Party.

Congress would undertake a prolonged struggle to end the “inept” BJP-led government in the Center and the YSR Congress Party government in the state, said district congressman Ch. Devakumar Reddy.

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