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KOCHI: Although Kerala banned single-use plastic as early as 2020, it is still widely used. Although manufacturers in Kerala have stopped manufacturing single-use plastic, huge consignments from out of state were still a major obstacle to the implementation and enforcement of the ban. With the Center now set to ban the manufacture and use of single-use plastic, environmentalists hope Kerala can finally get rid of the polluting materials.

Banned single-use plastic items, including spoons, straws, glasses, plates and polythene bags, are still circulating everywhere. Rather than simply banning them, green alternatives should also be encouraged by the government, environmentalists say.

“The Centre’s ban on single-use plastic would be a big step forward in encouraging those who voluntarily engage in sustainability. Even the state government encourages start-ups. We make affordable items ourselves, including cloth carrier bags, corn and cassava starch cutlery and straws. They are one hundred percent compostable and environmentally friendly,” said Ravikrishnan K, owner of Biomart.

“There is a growing trend to ban single-use plastic around the world. However, banning them is not the answer to tackling plastic pollution. We need to stop the production and import of unnecessary plastic and encourage people to use more environmentally friendly alternatives Banning plastic bags is often accompanied by fears that people will turn to worse alternatives Evidence from previous restrictions on plastic bags shows that although the ban reduces the use of plastic, it sometimes leads to more environmental damage, if customers switch to other materials with larger resource footprints,” said Soumitro Chakraborty, CEO of Fiinovation, a consulting firm in CSR.

According to environmental experts, it is the single-use nature of products that is more problematic for the planet, even more so than the material they are made of. “The more a product is reused, the lower its environmental impact will be and the same goes for single-use plastic,” Soumitro said.

Need for eco-friendly items
Encourage the use of alternatives to banned single-use plastics
Campaigns and awareness campaigns should be carried out within the communities regarding the harmful effects of using plastic and switching to eco-friendly items.
Plastic reuse and recycling should be encouraged
Businesses should come forward and join government in promoting eco-friendly items

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