Central District of California requires vaccines for all judges and staff

All judges and court staff in the Central District of California must prove that they were vaccinated by Oct. 15 under an order issued Friday by Chief Justice Philip Gutierrez.

Future employees must certify that they have been fully vaccinated within one week of starting work. It is the only vaccine warrant to date in federal courts in California. Similar warrants are in place in federal courts in New York, Maryland, Rhode Island, Texas, Virginia and Florida.

“The timely return of a duly completed vaccination status certificate form is a mandatory condition of employment,” according to the order. “Any employee who does not return the completed form as required may be placed on leave without pay until the employee returns the completed form. “

The ordinance extends to volunteers and includes all employees of the Bureau of Probation and Probation Services as well as the United States District Court. Entrepreneurs must also certify that they are vaccinated; Employees of the US Postal Service and courier services are exempt.

People who do not wish to be vaccinated because of a health problem “or sincere religious belief” can apply for an exemption, according to the order, and the requests will be considered on an individual basis.

“A medical exemption request must include documentation from a health care provider,” according to the order. “Anyone submitting an exemption request is required to provide accurate information and sign the request. “

Unvaccinated employees will not be able to travel outside the Central District to work and will need to be tested for COVID-19 twice a week.

“Any employee who does not comply with the test requirements can be put on unpaid leave, and any volunteer who does not comply with the test requirements can be suspended,” the order says. “Misrepresenting test results can lead to disciplinary action, including dismissal. “

Employees who are yet to be vaccinated may request “up to one hour of administrative leave” to obtain each dose or perform required tests “but under no circumstances should such leave interfere with assignments or duties.”

The central district executive committee unanimously approved the order on Thursday and the clerk tabled it on Friday.

Read the full order here.

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