Central District Health will review COVID-19 guidelines for children and adolescents

BOISE, Idaho — The Central District Board of Health on Friday voted to begin reviewing COVID-19 policies for people under 18 for possible removal.

Since the onset of COVID-19, Central District Health (CDH) has aligned its pandemic-related guidelines on masks, vaccinations, and other safety measures with the Centers for Disease Control.

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The CDC currently bases pandemic recommendations on community risk levels. CDH covers Ada, Boise, Elmore and Valley counties.

The draft policy, presented by board members Raul Labrador and Dr. Ryan Cole, would allow the board to “weigh in” on any direction from the CDC before community implementation. Labrador, a candidate in the 2022 attorney general race, said the policy is “an added layer of oversight.”

“I questioned a lot of the stuff coming out of the CDC because it seems to be driven more by politics and pressure than actual science,” Labrador said. “I think there are a lot of scientists who disagree with some of the things the CDC is saying.”

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Cole, a recent addition to the board, raised concerns community members on his views against COVID-19 vaccinations and masking — a topic he reaffirmed at Friday’s meeting.

“I think it is scientifically unethical to make shooting recommendations and to include children in shots at this time. These are not approved. These are permitted in emergency. It’s always an experience,” Cole said. “These are dangerous technologies.”

The board will review and possibly remove the guidelines at the May 20 meeting.

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