Central District Health Department partners with Heartland United Way on vaccination drive

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) – The Central District Health Department has partnered with Heartland United Way in a campaign to urge people to get vaccinated against COVID-19. The campaign involved posters with pictures of fully vaccinated people in the community who wanted to share why they decided to get their doses.

At a press conference on Tuesday, Kamrie Peterson, community health supervisor for CDHD, said the campaign was all the more important at the time.

“Given that in the CDHD area we’re only 39% vaccinated, that means a lot of people are either on the fence or have completely opted out of getting it,” Peterson said. “We are here and we will be in the community and give the vaccine every opportunity we can.”

Elizabeth Troyer-Miller, disaster awareness coordinator for Heartland United Way, who was also present at the press conference, said the campaign could potentially help keep children safe as they return to classrooms.

“Kids are going back to school, we know things are changing and evolving in our community and we have the opportunity to really encourage those of you who have thought about it, you wanted to get vaccinated, that’s the now is the time to do it,” Troyer-Miller said.

Miller added that anyone who received their vaccine at CDHD through August 31, 2021 would be entered into a raffle for a chance to win a gift card. In addition, she said that anyone who wants to get involved in the campaign and have their photo and testimony on why they received the vaccine, can go to the health department, present their vaccination card and participate. also in the gift card raffle.

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