As central ministers defend education plan, DMK says don’t provoke Tamils

The DMK on Monday adopted a resolution against the proposed three languages ​​policy.

Amid massive reactions from regional parties to the 2019 National Education Policy (NEP) draft on Sunday, two high-ranking central cabinet ministers embarked on efforts to tackle the social media outcry. Speaking to Twitter, Union Ministers Nirmala Sitharaman and S Jaishankar tweeted in Tamil to allay fears of an “imposition of Hindi” in the country’s non-Hindi states.

“The draft NEP will only be finalized after receiving comments from the general public. The Prime Minister launched the #EkBharatSreshthaBharat campaign with the intention of promoting all Indian languages. The central government will be at the forefront of efforts to promote Tamil, ”tweeted Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman.

Foreign Minister S Jaishankar, meanwhile, said on social media: “The central government will listen to people’s comments and then not finalize the NEP. The government will make efforts to promote all Indian languages. The central government does not intend to impose a language on anyone.

A few hours after the tweets of the two ministers, the draft was revised and no longer mandates the specific languages ​​that students must study in college. But educators can’t help but point out the irony of the damage-limiting tweets on Sunday.

“They posted tweets in Tamil, clearly targeting the people of Tamil Nadu who have expressed their opposition to the draft policy. The only ministers who speak Tamil in the Center have undertaken to speak to the people of the state while the central government is in fact trying to suppress the language, ”said Prince Gajendra Babu, teacher. “Even now, the three-language policy remains. If this government really wants unity, it must accept the diversity of the country, ”he adds.

As Union ministers rushed to defend the Center, the DMK on Monday adopted a resolution against the proposed trilingual policy.

The party said, “This is an act that provokes the people of Tamil Nadu. I believe that in a country which has many languages ​​and cultures, the central government will not make a decision without understanding the opinions of the people. Likewise, we ask the BJP of the Center not to play with the sentiment of the Tamils ​​”

The chorus against the policy had intensified on Sunday, with Kerala congressional lawmaker Shashi Tharoor and Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy also voicing their dissent against the Centre’s decision. They issued warnings against the forced imposition of Hindi in the southern states of India, joining the fight led by the DMK in Tamil Nadu.

The BJP state, meanwhile, hailed the Centre’s decision to hire Tamil ministers to combat the backlash.

“It was a very good decision to get Nirmala Sitharaman and Jaishankar to tweet in Tamil,” a BJP leader said on condition of anonymity. “However, they completely reversed all the good of this act by revising the policy. Ministers had made it clear that this was only a draft and could be changed based on feedback. But by actually changing the content of the project, the Center admitted to having made a mistake. They just poured more fuel on it.

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