Annexation of Central State Lands to Xenia Approved by Ohio Supreme Court

The move allows Xenia to collect income tax from 350 central state employees and allows the university to no longer pay surcharges on water, sewers, fires and emergency medical services.

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Xenia initially filed an annexation request, with central state support, to Greene County Commissioners, but Xenia Twp. filed a complaint.

“Township administrators urged the county to reject the petition, which the county did after determining that the town’s petition was unsatisfactory. [the type-2 annexation process]”, We read in the decision.

Xenia appealed the decision to the Second District Court of Appeals and won, but the county then appealed, leading the case to the Ohio Supreme Court.

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“Under what we have called the ‘traditional’ method of annexation, a council must consider whether ‘the general good of the territory proposed to be annexed will be served’ by the annexation,” the decision reads.

However, the tribunal noted that the annexation fulfilled the seven required conditions and therefore the commission did not have the discretion to refuse the annexation.

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