Andhra Pradesh: Statements by central and state governments sowing confusion over Polavaram project, says CPI(M) Secretary of State

“They put a question mark over the future of displaced tribal people”

“They put a question mark over the future of displaced tribal people”

Statements by central and state governments on the Polavaram project are creating doubts in people’s minds on the outcome of the project and putting a question mark over the future of the displaced tribal people, the secretary of state says of CPI(M), V. Srinivasa Rao said.

Referring to recent statements by Irrigation Minister Ambati Rambabu, at a press conference here on Sunday, Mr. Srinivasa Rao said that Mr. Rambabu’s statements on design flaws, diaphragm wall damage and the need for its reconstruction and that no deadline could be set for the completion of the project, raised several suspicions about the completion of the project. The CPI(M) Secretary of State said that if flooding occurs due to heavy rains in August and the water does not reach the bottom, the flood waters may enter the villages, causing the danger of their submergence.

two phase

He recalled statements by Union Water Resources Minister Gajendra Singh Shekawat that the Polavaram project would be split into two phases and the contour and IDP rehabilitation works would be completed in the first phase. He said the threat of submergence would double if flooding occurred. He alleged that central and state governments were playing with the lives of tribal people.

Mr. Srinivasa Rao demanded that Mr. Shekawat respond to Mr. Rambabu’s statements that the diaphragm wall was damaged in 2020 itself and that the YSR Congress Party government has since represented the Center to send a committee of experts to assess the damage. . The Center was obliged to inform the population of the excessive delay in sending the committee of experts.

Criticizing the Center for its ‘irresponsibility’ on the matter, he alleged that the Center was hampering the development of Andhra Pradesh by not releasing funds and limiting itself to statements in the media, which was evident in how he handled the Polavaram project. He also blamed the state government for not informing the people about the issue and demanded transparency on the matter.

“Abolish the CPS”

The CPI(M) leader also called on the state government to honor its promise to abolish the contributory pension scheme (CPS). He should listen to teachers’ demands instead of trying to quell their unrest with arrests, he said.

District Party Secretary K. Lokanadham was present.

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