2023: Jude Ndukwe approved for Umuahia Central State Constituency

Former Chief Press Secretary to the President of Abia State, Chief Jude Ndukwe has been described as a ‘tested and trusted hand’ for the central Umuahia State constituency in the upcoming primary elections of the PDP House of Assembly for Abia State.

The endorsement was contained in a statement released on Saturday by a coalition of civil societies and support groups in Abia State. The groups include Partnership for Democratic Participation, Abia Youth Movement, Abia Women for Development, AWD and 12 other CSOs.

The group said Ndukwe learned the basics of the legislation directly from the current Abia State Assembly Speaker, Rt Hon Chinedum Enyinnaya Orji.

“As a man beloved by his people for his philanthropic and humanitarian gestures at his level, we have no doubt that Chief Jude Ndukwe has learned so well from the President of Abia that he is best suited to support and developing the legacy of Rt Hon. Chinedum Enyinnaya Orji, who is the current Central State Constituency Representative of Umuahia and is vying for a higher position in the Federal House of Representatives,” the statement read.

Continuing, the groups said, “As a political activist, social commentator, analyst and columnist, Jude Ndukwe knows that all eyes will be on him as a lawmaker, so he cannot afford to fail, d ‘where our belief that he will, as always, serve the people well’.

They therefore implored the delegates for the primary election “not to be swayed by the fleeting scent of Naira notes which may be dangling before them by bags of money, but to ensure that they vote for Jude Ndukwe who we believe will not squander the good legacies on the ground but leverage them for a better and bigger constituency”.

They urged delegates to consider competence when choosing a candidate for the party.

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